Whisky #21 – Caol Ila Distillers Edition Single Malt

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IMG_2539Caol Ila Distillers Edition Single Malt. Islay, Scotland. ABV: 43.00%. Sentinel, $22.

Colour: more of a yellow gold colour, deeper than the Caol Ila 12 yr. Much like apple juice.

Nose: fruity, but not too sweet. Feint hints of peat, surprisingly not too much.

Palate: soft crisp entry, then the peat flavours come through quite strongly. Has tastes of dried fruit. Thankfully does not taste like apple juice.

Finish: again a long finish like the 12 year old, but more toward the tip of the tongue. Slight sweetness when you lick your lips after a sip. Tobacco aftertastes, dry finish.

Comments: Overall, not a noticeable step up in class from the 12 yr, they’re just different. Not sure it’s worth the extra investment. It’s good, but seems to lose a little of it’s distinctive Islayness (or Islacity?), the Moscatel cask maturation has softened it a tad too much in my opinion. Distiller’s edition has been matured in ex Moscatel barrels for additional 6 months. I didn’t actually realise until researching while drinking this dram that a distiller’s edition isn’t necessarily the creme de la creme of a distillery, but is actually the distiller choosing some select barrels and extra maturing their drop in these barrels.

I’ve just realised I’ve done a particularly serious tasting. After a long day at the office, my creativity and somewhat debatable wittiness is decidedly lacking this evening.