Whiskies #288-294 – Scotch Malt Whisky Society Spring Tasting Extravaganza

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Scotch Malt Whisky Society Spring Tasting Extravaganza. Parmelia Hilton, $80.

Another SMWS tasting extravaganza, another chance to try some amazing and very unique cask strength whiskies.

54.30 – Jingling Jalapeños! 11 year old bottling from Aberlour distillery. ABV: 61.2%.

Colour: 1970s lampshade yellow
Nose: Packs a punch. Quite brisk, floral & pine timber aromas.
Palate: Rose petals and Turkish delight.
Finish: Woody warmth, lots of it.
Comments: Sherried but not overly sweet or syrupy.


50.58 – A Seesaw of Spring Cleaning and Scones! 24 year old bottling from Bladnoch distillery. ABV: 55.0%.
Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Straw, sweet sawdust.
Palate: Like a lemon fruit tingle. Honeycomb. Much more layered & complex than I was expecting from a 24 year old Lowlands malt.
Finish: Loiters on the tongue for quite a while. Big warmth and tingle.


G10.6 – The Spice Temple. 25 year old bottling from Strathclyde distillery. ABV: 56.0%.
Colour: Watery gold.
Nose: Almost smells like a good rum – very fruity, sweet.
Palate: Tastes like a rum too! Rich, sweet, a tropical fruit medley of flavours.
Finish: Dries and warms, both build.
Comments: Standout of the night because it is so different as well as being a grain whisky and not a single malt.


121.68 – Harvesting Fruit on an Indian Summer Day. 14 year old bottling from Isle of Arran distillery. ABV: 55.0%.
Colour: Clear apple juice.
Nose: Sweet straw. Not unlike other Arrans.
Palate: Lemon cheesecake, sherbet.
Finish: Long but gentle longer. Residual sweetness.
Comments: A lovely play between the sweetness and tartness on the palate, great balance.


76.112 – Spiced Champurrado. 27 year old bottling from Mortlach distillery. ABV: 58.2%.
Colour: Lustrous pale yellow.
Nose: Very smooth, honied cereal notes.
Palate: Honey, shortbread biscuits, a bit chocolatey too.
Finish: Spice, lots of it. Tingle on the tip of your tongue. Long warmth.


17.38 – Strong, Sweet and Salty. 13 year old bottling from Scapa distillery. ABV: 56.4%.
Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Light, sweet, sea air standing at the beach.
Palate: Juicy Fruit chewing gum – nice mix of spice and sweetness.
Finish: Medium length, another whisky with a great balance of saltiness & sweetness.
Comments: Eminently quaffable. Your go-to after work work unwinding kind of whisky. Saltier than the Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or, but not too dissimilar a whisky.


53.207 – Cod Wrapped in Parma Ham. 20 year old bottling from Caol Ila distillery. ABV: 58.8%.
Colour: Very light pale.
Nose: An old timber boat that’s been tied up by the pier for too long.
Palate: Reminds me a little of Ardbeg. Full and smokey, but meatier.
Finish: Loooooong, salty, smokey.
Comments: I was enjoying this one so much I didn’t even write many notes, I just wanted to savour it, then before I knew it…all gone.

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